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Sandar offers a turn-up system management service that maximizes system reliability and increases salable tonnage.  Sandar will manage your spare parts and consumables inventory, provide training as necessary, and schedule service calls to keep up with maintenance, adjustments, and any needed repairs.  Working in cooperation with your staff, and recommending best practices, our Turn-up Assurance Team will assure you enjoy the maximum benefit of owning a Sandar Turn-up System.  Putting Sandar’s 40 years of field experience to work for you lets you concentrate on making paper while we concentrate on the turn-up.

No one understands an invention more thoroughly than the inventor.  Sandar invented paperband turn-up systems 4 decades ago and we have devoted our entire business to delivering dependable, efficient, and safe turn-up systems ever since.  It’s all we do.  Our field service technicians have accumulated more than 200 years of combined experience integrating and supporting turn-up systems all over the world.  Our production and customer service departments are managed by our longest-serving employees – over 20 years each.  They are the turn-up system industry’s experts in their fields.

Sandar is also a manufacturer.  We understand the daily compromises in managing available resources.  We understand the pressures mill management, administration, operators, and maintenance personnel deal with every day.  Every business does well to concentrate on their core competencies – those things that set them apart and give them a competitive edge.  Elements of the operation that are outside these core competencies either demand too much, or aren’t given enough attention.  Sandar’s commitment to helping our clients maximize salable tonnage and maintain a safe working environment has inspired us to offer our expertise to manage the turn-up for you.

Sandar’s Turn-up Assurance Team will work with you to define exactly what you need – no more, and certainly no less.  We are prepared to partner with you to select the most appropriate products and optimize spare parts and consumables inventory.  Data on each paper machine is collected and reported through our secure customer portal and is used to predict component life and recommend prudent purchases to avoid unnecessary expenses and virtually eliminate downtime.  Qualified field service technicians will be dispatched as needed, and periodic courtesy visits help us keep tabs on equipment and turn-up performance.

Our program pricing and billing is adaptable to your specific needs and expectations.  The purchasing process is streamlined with on-site, real-time proposals and approval for rapid fulfillment.  And our field service technicians and customer service department are now accepting credit card payments, which reduces paperwork and reduces response time in emergencies.

Contact our Turn-up Assurance Team for a quote today and let us show you how approaching zero missed turn-ups can pay for the service.