Founded in 1975, SANDAR Industries served the pulp & paper industry representing suppliers in the Southeastern United States and South America. Witnessing first-hand the problems and safety hazards associated with reel turn-ups, Pete Rodriguez developed and patented the first paperband reel turn-up system in 1984. It did not take long before this patented technology became a worldwide standard. Today there are over 2000 Sandar turn-up systems installed worldwide.

With headquarters in Atlantic Beach, Florida, SANDAR is the world’s largest Turn-UP System and paperband manufacturer. SANDAR’s Affiliation with PAPELTEC OVERSEAS, Inc. has furthered the product’s presence with distribution centers across the globe including Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

In the late 1990’s, SANDAR introduced another innovation; the BAND-IT Wireless Baleband System.  Sandar was the first to strap pulp bales with a repulpable band instead of wires. This proven technology is used on several pulp lines around the world and will become an industry standard.

SANDAR continues to be the pioneer in reel turn-up technology and paperband worldwide. Through ongoing R & D, reliable service, and practical application of our pioneering technology, SANDAR continues to help maximize profits for our partners in the pulp & paper industry.

(L to R) Victor, CEO; Jason, Sales & Marketing Director; Delia, Vice President (ret.) and continuing administrative advisor; and Pete, Founder (ret.) and Chairman of the Board.